Friday, January 1, 2016

The Enigmatic Sinclairs - Original Research Makes It the Top Resource for Sinclair Researchers

As you can see, I've already marked a ton of information in my copy

Gerald Sinclair and Rondo B B Me's new book The Enigmatic Sinclairs is, in a word, extraordinary.  

Before its publication, researchers like me relied on books like:

R.W. Saint-Clair’s The Saint-Clairs of the Isles, being a History of the Sea-Kings of Orkney and their Scottish Successors of the Sirname of Sinclair - published in 1898

Thomas Sinclairs, The Sinclairs of England - published in 1887

Leonard Morrison's Sinclair Family - published in 1896

Each of these books is useful in its own way. Saint-Clairs of the Isles relied much on the work of Father Richard Augustus Hay who was a solid researcher. Sinclairs of England has some good information mixed with speculative, unsupported leaps. Sinclair Family picks up much of the same myth-making which is in the other two about Rollo the viking being our common ancestor and our Norse origins. That said, each is useful and I recommend them all as part of your research library.

Now we have something entirely new - years and years of newly researched facts written into an incredibly readable, thoroughly engrossing resource which I recommend every genealogist own and study - even if you're not a Sinclair, just to learn and then use Gerry and Rondo's methodology.

Sinclair DNA is just numbers without such historical facts

I've said it many times - DNA without solid records research is just a string of numbers. Now we've got a surprising new resource for a ton of historical facts. But the book doesn't stop with the facts. Rondo and Gerry fully researched and understand the historical background within which the Sinclairs had to navigate. Their story is told in the context of the time in which these medieval Sinclairs lived. Rondo and Gerry clarify the connections between the facts and write the history of our family that was in real danger of being assumed, glossed over, and forgotten by the past 5 generations, especially our Dan Brown generation.

Listen to my interviews with Rondo and Gerry

Gerry and Rondo have agreed to do a series of podcast interviews with me to discuss their book, their conclusions, and more. These will remain up for as long as I maintain this website and likely longer.

Podcast 1 -

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Podcast 2 - 

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