Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sinclair DNA Friends

By Steve St Clair

The link to the letter you'll see below points to a website maintained by our Clan Sinclair U.S. Commissioner, Mel Sinclair. Mel got into the DNA study early and has kept up with it ever since, taking any new SNP tests that might add value for the rest of the family.

 I should point out, our DNA study is not a part of the Clan Sinclair organization, but many of our clan have taken the test and, as you can see from this letter, we get a great deal of support and advice from our clan leadership. Mel, in particular, has been very helpful over the years.

 A lot has changed since this letter from my partner Stan St. Clair was posted:
  •  We're now recommending 67-markers with 37-markers the lowest we recommend. 
  • That link to our UK website doesn't work any more because the participation there has been relatively low and it was expensive to maintain.
  • We're very focused now on SNP studies.
And several things haven't changed:
  • Stan St Clair remains a great partner. 
  • Mel Sinclair remains a wonderful resource. 
  • And the family continues to benefit from participation in our Sinclair DNA study. 
 Click here to review the letter about the Sinclair DNA study on Mel's website.