Saturday, January 7, 2017

Do you "believe" Prince Henry Sinclair was in North America

Will 2017 be the year people stop "believing" in the Prince Henry Sinclair story and begin to use the word "evidence?" I'm skeptical, but there are interesting research projects which have a chance of giving the story some actual evidence. At least one will likely be available to the public within the year.

My friend Zena Helpern will soon be publishing a book on a journey which somehow or other (I've not seen the manuscript) proves that Prince Henry Sinclair made the trip, at least to Oak Island. While the Prince Henry involvement in the story is but a very small part, I'm told that our family might want to keep an eye out for Zena's upcoming book. While I haven't seen the book yet, I'm familiar with enough of the research to say it's almost entirely new work rather than the usual re-hash.
Keep you posted,