Sunday, March 4, 2012

St Clair Research Passed the 200 Mark in DNA tests

We've been so busy working with people to help them understand their DNA that we completely forgot to point out that we've passed a major milestone - 200 people tested.

In fact, we're out to 216 people. We're overwhelmingly a Y-DNA study, otherwise known as a one-name study. Our goal is to fully understand just one surname, and all the lineages and participants who carry it.

This blog exists to help us put out thoughts out more quickly than the main website and to keep people informed.

St Clair Research is Non-profit

All those who help with the study, with genealogy, and with data management are doing this out of our love of the family and our interest in DNA.

St Clair Research Has Learned Much

We continuously stay abreast of the latest learning in DNA for genealogy. There are several online communities that you can follow as well. is hosted by Family Tree DNA. It's divided up into sections that you can follow based on your own DNA Haplogroups, on the geography of your ancestors and on your interests.

St Clair Research is a Life-Long Hobby

We intend to continue working to help the St Clair / Sinclair / Sinceler family understand our history as long as possible. To that end, we've set up a secession plan to make sure the work continues into the next decades.

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